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This week

Hi, I hope you have had a good week and are keeping safe as the virus seems to be back with a vengeance.

This week we have had news that most areas in the UK are now Medium to high risk, people are getting frustrated because other people do not seem to understand to keep out of a national lockdown that rules need be followed.

In our village we are medium but we have been told our postal code is high risk because of our local town, so we are to follow the medium to high rules, depending on where we work and travel.

We have had a hectic week at work and school this week, one of our year group bubbles had to isolate again, as someone had been by a person in their family bubble that had the virus, because of all the staff and children in this year group having to be off school and work we have now been asked by public heath England to only see people in your bubble that you see weekly, so from now on that’s the people we work with and then my mum. This might carry on until Christmas or even the whole winter period. It’s a shame as we miss Diane and Tony and normally would meet Leigh and Nathan towards Christmas, Jenny is away most weekends so that’s not really any different.

We break up next week so we are looking forward to that, for little things like making cookies together and decorating for Halloween.

Today we stayed away from mums considering the virus has been in school, just to make sure were not passing anything on.

Rich has put a new shelf up in the bathroom for extra storage and grouted the tiles for the whole kitchen and downstairs toilet and if that wasn’t enough he then cleared all the guttering out where moss had fallen off the main room of the house and landed in the conservatory guttering.

Whilst Rich was busy I emptied the kitchen cupboards out and tided them, cleaning all the doors so they are bright and shiny, I also did the tiles and blind for the window.

I am having a spring clean or should I say Autumn clean, I like to do a deep clean ready for the Christmas tree and decs to go up and then again when they come down the year after, were so excited for Christmas 69 sleeps to go everyone, we are all buzzing with excitement.

It will be strange this weekend not having Britain’s got talent, we were really pleased that Jon Courtenay won we were routing for him as he reminded us of Victoria Wood.

Random thought as I just heard it our favourite song right now is Jax Jones ‘I miss you’ it reminds us of the Cranberries we used to listen to twenty odd years ago.

Have a lovely Saturday everyone love Deb x

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Moseley Old Hall National Trust

Delighted at getting a ticket to Moseley Old Hall after thinking about the place in lockdown and wishing we were there, we all enjoyed a lovey autumn walk in the sunshine.

We wondered through the fairy forest and kept our distance from the few visitors that were allowed in at the same time, there were hand sanitizer stations everywhere and we felt safe walking around, you only have to wear a mask to walk through to show your ticket, the main house isn’t open yet, but on such a lovely day we were happy to stroll around the gardens.

It was strange to think usually there’s a buzz of families and laughter from the cafe, the bellowing of the characters dressed up rein acting the time when Charles II escaped, as he was hidden at this amazing awe inspiring house. Steeped in history the grounds echo happiness, children playing and our own fond memories of when our children were small and splashing in puddles, Olivia spending the whole Easter egg hunt trying to put her Peppa Pig umbrella up, Bren scrambling through the tunnel where today he thought how can a simple piece of wood have given him such pleasure, the swing that is usually there and the colossal tree house.

It holds a special place in my heart, there are also fond memories walking around with my mum and dad and Jenny and Steve, lockdown in a way did us a favour as we could stop and appreciate things and not take them for granted, as the saying goes, you don’t miss something until it’s gone.

We went to our local garden centre afterwards another place we love to go to, there was a queue but we were not waiting long, once your temperature has been taken and you have QR coded your way in, wearing a mask you then follow the one way signs, their Christmas displays had started it was so exciting walking around, we brought the torts some new soil.

We came home and Bren washed my car as I drove to the hall and hit a lot of puddles coming out of the fields from this weeks rain.

Tortoise diaries – Bren cleared his torts out. Every three months you have to change the soil.

We have also blocked their bedroom off as they kept hiding under the soil, the problem is when the weather turns cold they need the heating lamp all the time, when they are in their room they felt cold and stopped eating, so Bren decided to block it off and keep them under their lamp, this has really worked.

Today the torts went for a swim and then basked under the lamp, well done Bren your doing really well.

While the last rays of sun were shining in the garden Rich and I cut down the sun flowers and watered my new seeds, my winter Pansies have come up beautiful I’m so pleased with myself as I have grown them from a few seeds, usually I go to B & M and buy them ready to pot up.

We have just finished eating Sunday lunch Olivia and I made a lemon cheesecake it has been a lovely day with lots of activities.

I hope you have had a good weekend I can’t believe it’s half term in two weeks. Take care love Deb x

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Tooth fairy

Hi, How are you all?

We have had two visits this week from the tooth fairy, Brendyn’s ‘fang’ tooth or the one next door came out and then 2 days later, Olivia lost the exact same tooth as in same side – same tooth. Bren has been trying for ages for this tooth to come out like Rich he still had his baby tooth. For Olivia this happened at school and they gave her a lovely little sticker – packet. The tooth fairies Sky and Phoenix have been very busy this week!

Dementia Diary – Speaking of busy we have only just stopped working 7pm! We were up for 8ish had breakfast, received our parcel and went to my mums, she wasn’t having a good day today she was in bed and didn’t want to get up, her knee is hurting as she has arthritis in it, on Monday I am calling the dr’s to see if they can give her a steroid injection as we can’t take her to the dr’s with the pandemic, we spoke to the career and she said they can only give her medicine and make her food, sit with her and that’s it really. She’s a lovey girl called Cheryl.

Olivia and Brendyn sat with nanny talking to her Olivia made her a drink and Cheryl gave her some soup which thankfully nanny soon polished off, she seemed much better then, she had remembered that Gary was in his caravan this weekend, which is a tourer they have stored.

Richard hoovered downstairs I am so thankful to a husband that understands and is caring enough to help me on this journey, Olivia mopped the kitchen and bathroom floor whilst I cleaned the entire house top to bottom, it’s not a small house I was shattered.

The basin upstairs was blocked so Rich then spent which seemed forever trying to un block it. Whilst dusting mums bedroom she kept saying you haven’t got to do that darling leave it I do it – but she really doesn’t, she can’t see it either to her it’s clean, she said I have my own house to do and leave it, nobody comes to see it anyway, I put all her clothes away and put the washing machine on she perked up and seemed a lot brighter when we left.

I took the kids to McDonald’s for a treat plus by this time they were starved, I had a Mcflurry as a treat for my hard work, it’s hard for them seeing their nanny this way especially when she has been a big part in their lives, they used to run in and hug her, fighting over who sat on her lap, she would then cuddle them both telling them she loved them both the same, Brendyn was her favourite boy and Olivia the favourite girl, she would read them endless stories, shower them with kisses and then bring out a tasty sponge cake that she had baked especially for the kids, they used to love her roast dinners, Bren always said not as much as yours mummy but they used to devour them.

Today she told stories that she has made up in her own mind, it tickled Olivia as she had to play along, apparently a little girl was sitting on the roof of the house in the distance waiting for the bus to come, a long pause and nanny waved and told Olivia to wave to the little girl who was getting on the bus to go to school, she said that’s where I waved your mum off as she went to school, so some memories are there and some aren’t.

We went shopping and came home to start our housework, Rich put up three new lanterns we have got for the front of the house and I busied myself away, did all the washing and ironing, Rich then after working all day made homemade pizzas but he didn’t mind as he loves cooking, again I am very fortunate.

It’s the last Britain’s got talent tonight were looking forward to watching it so we are off to relax and unwind to watch tv and just sit and relax!

Have a lovely evening love Deb x

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October already ….

It seems five minutes since we went back to school I can not believe it’s October already.

Olivia had her test yesterday at one of the schools she has on her list. We’re advised to put 5 down, (that doesn’t mean to state how rubbish they are) we are hoping she gets into Brendyn’s school as a sibling place, one car journey is so much easier then if she has to go to a separate school.

Brendyn needed a new winter coat and sports things for school so with the weather so horrid where it hasn’t stopped raining all day, we were glad to do our shopping online.

We had the torts down today they have grown really big now from when we first had them.

There are now 84 sleeps until Christmas we are all excited and have some things to look forward to for the countdown that is if we don’t go in to lockdown.

Half term holiday I plan to start my Christmas shopping, I used to wait until November after I had my birthday before I even thought of Christmas but now I like to be organised in case we get the flu or are ill, there is nothing worse then being ill and trying to concentrate on shopping.

So another weekend nearly over I wish all a good week love Deb x

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Crazy times

Hi, how are you?

Were a little crazy right now …

When my parents and grandparents told us stories of their childhood evacuating to shelters I never in a hundred years would ever think my children are living through similar times.

As if it wasn’t bad enough that we are living in a time that masks have to keep us safe from a pandemic but we have spent this week having a gas evacuation every day!!

Our school is being extended at the moment to have a 60 children intake per year group rather then 46 traditionally. Our small village school is now having to be extended due to the increasing population and need for parents to have their children attend our school.

With the building and works being carried out we have had a gas evacuation every day, usually a fire drill would mean that the children have to line up on the playground but with gas evacuations we have had to remove ourselves off the premises so the church is our go to point and it’s been raining this week, thankfully we managed to all squash in and keep everyone safe. This has been particularly difficult when we are trying to keep children in their bubbles because there is a pandemic amidst.

All in all Olivia and I are exhausted as we have had had to keep trekking over to the church back in school and back over to the church, in the end 1pm today we called it a day and parents collected children early.

Some parents have complained but really if they thought about it – do you know how exhausting it is taking 60 children from the upstairs of a building in a line at speed to a safety point several times a week and whilst carrying out this act – remaining cheerful as to not scare the children.

Thank goodness it’s Friday! We have just returned from dance it really has been a full day and week!

I think the silver lining to this year is these children and my children are natural survivors, because if they can handle this year they can handle anything!

On top of that we have have spent the week filling in application forms – thanks Rich for being on top of this! Tomorrow Olivia has tests to sit at schools to see if she can enter them in September! Good luck Liv I think you can handle anything!

I hope you have had a better week then us – keep safe love Debx

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Lovely weekend

This weekend has flown by, we visited Nanny Jenny she finally got to open her birthday presents, it was lovely to see her.

We then went to my mums and cleaned, did some washing and her shopping for her.

This morning we have topped the trees in front of our house in the mini forest that keeps growing and having to be maintained. We were out there all day and Geoff who is in our bubble helped as well so we did his trees for him, some boys that live by us that the children play with helped us remove all the branches we had cut down so all the children took them off over the nature reserve to make a den, they had so much fun, Olivia’s Marigolds are still looking beautiful.

I was determined that this weekend wouldn’t be all work and no play so last night luckily I managed to book up Shrugborough Hall we had a lovely walk in the sunshine it ended up being just over 2 miles, we were shattered after all the tree cutting this morning.

I now have a gammon cooking in the oven ready for Sunday lunch that’s now more like Sunday tea.

Although we have achieved a lot this weekend and worked a lot I have still really enjoyed it, it was great with the weather we got to spend most of today outside, which makes a change from being in school with the constant spraying of dettol and hand sanitising.

Whilst Rich and the kids chill on the PlayStation games waiting for Sunday tea I am chilling watching Mamma Mia!

I hope you have had a lovely weekend to love Deb x

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Camping, Fishing and catching up.

So I haven’t been in touch for a month or so and I really can not believe I have left it that long… We have been up to so much I just haven’t had a second to tell you.

So … after Brendyn’s birthday we went camping in Terry as you know we were looking forward to it and so excited. I will do a separate camping post for people that are interested in maybe starting camping or getting more ideas for camping and for us as a kind of packing list for the future.

We went to Herefordshire for a week staying in our new tent called Terry. We were lucky enough to arrive at 11am and have the pick of the draw so we chose a corner space with a hedge around us for privacy, we were relieved we had set off so early as this weekend turned out to be 32 degrees it was good for a bit of shade, we had set up when it was cooler, we couldn’t believe how hot the weather was and ended up driving out in the car for the hottest part of the day – to have the air con on and have some shade as gorgeous as it was we were supposed to be in Tunisia and had the same heat in the UK but without the coastal breeze and the swimming pool to refresh ourselves with, we couldn’t cope as well as we would have abroad, the heat is muggy and as soon as we came out the shower I needed to go back in to cool off.

We love this Hereford site it is the same site that we first took the children camping to when Olivia was a toddler so it is tradition for us to go there.

Fishing and camping Lincolnshire

We came back home Friday to check on the pets and re pack/wash clothes and then Saturday left for Lincolnshire we stayed at a fishing site, the showers were beautiful and hot the weather was about 23-25 it rained on an evening and was lovely in the day, we even went to the beach so that was great fun for the kids, the area is basically fields upon fields of crops, vegetables and fruit. The site is just a grass field and shower block and a walk to the fishing area.

After a week we came home for a few days to look after the pets and do the washing and re packing then we went away for a long bank holiday weekend to North Lincolnshire we went to the zoo and a wildlife park, we stayed on a beautiful site in Messingham this site was my favourite.

North Lincolnshire

After the bank holiday weekend before back to school we met up with friends for a picnic on the common Annabelle, Tamsin, Emily and mums it was so nice to feel back to normal – all be it deck chairs metres apart and blankets they ran across the grass as if there were no care in the world and climbed trees laughing and chasing each other the boys Tom, Alfie and Bren rode their bikes racing and showing off hearing the laughter and having some mum natter time was so important to get back to normal even if now they think the UK is heading for a second wave and many built up cities are going into local lockdowns.

So after having three weeks away lots of washing in between, seeing my mum and cleaning her house top to bottom and doing the garden as neither had been done whilst we were away, we decided to tile the kitchen floor and buy a new car all stories I will tell you about soon.

We also started back to school I had a few training days a safeguarding test to study for it really has been none stop oh and now we have tonsillitis which is typical of starting back to school in September.

I had planned on seeing the nannies this weekend but now don’t want to pass anything on, we really must see Jenny we haven’t seen her since Brendyn’s birthday either we were away or she was. It’s a shame with Covid and holidays we only really meet up to swap gifts for birthdays and Christmas.

Our plans for this weekend are as well as recuperating sorting Olivia’s secondary school admission form out, we cannot have the usual visits around school but luckily she did it all with Brendyn just tests to sit for – for entry in some schools and virtual tours now for others.

Have a great weekend everyone its so good to be back in touch I hope your all doing okay love Deb x

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Happy 14th Birthday Brendyn!

Happy birthday Baby we love you so much and are really proud of you.

It’s a beautiful sunny day today and 29 degrees. The day I gave birth to Bren it was a heat wave so I am not surprised.

We started the day with birthday cake for breakfast.

Followed by lots and lots and lots of Lego building. If I say it’s took all day I am not exaggerating – I have been reminded that it’s an expert build as proposed to 4+ 12+ etc.

Olivia had kept her birthday money as it was after Christmas and having birthday gifts everything was in a few months. So she kept her birthday money for the six weeks holiday to have something to do, when we got Brendyn’s gifts we got Olivia’s and kept them so they could both spend the day building Lego which has been lovely.

Whilst the children built the Lego I made some American cheese biscuits and churros with chocolate dip served with a nice cold glass of iced latte for lunch.

The theme is to go with his American diner he’s building out of Lego and was all his choice, he made a menu for what he required.

Brendyn had his torts for his birthday as you know he’s had them a while now as a distraction through lockdown, also we had to get the babies whilst they were on sale.

He also needed his bike for school so we gave it him for his birthday so he had that as well but his Lego present accumulated from many people which he opened today.

Expert build!

Thank you Nanny Maureen, Nanny Jenny, Leigh and Nathan, Diane and Tony daddy, Olivia and myself.

Brens cake is a carrot cake as much as Bren loves chocolate he doesn’t like chocolate cake or rather it gives him a migraine, he has vanilla frosting covered in chocolates so he can take them off if he thinks it’s too much- they were not he devoured it.

We got his Lego in advance whilst the shops opened incase we returned to lockdown as some areas throughout England have started having local lockdowns, we said if he had any birthday money he could put it towards it rather then going to get something afterwards.

The weather being so hot today and the Lego been a massive project we’re glad he could start building at breakfast, there are 2,480 pieces it comprises of a diner, the next layer a gym then a recording studio it comes with lots of figures and a car.

For tea we’re having Bruschetta’s not served with anything as we have eaten a lot today but what are birthdays for!

Olivia has had Harry Potter Lego the night bus and the carriage with a funny name, it has been a long day and I haven’t the patience for funny names. Here is a pic instead.

Carriage with a funny name

Have a lovely evening we have been sitting outside as it’s cool with a lovely breeze now, a great end to a lovey day.

Ta da moment Brens finished building his Lego!

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Gates of Paradise

Wow! Another great read from my favourite author Virginia Andrews.

I get sad when a book comes to the end this is number four out of five books.

When I read a book I’ve already made a middle and an end of the book as I’m reading through.

Half way through reading the book I had already concluded the end, without giving any spoilers away during the middle parts of the book I wasn’t happy how the story was going, I am even shocked I’m saying this to you but I put the book down for a week or so.

Feeling silly that I’m not living in a book and it’s not my story to tell I picked it up again and I am really pleased I did, for the story like most stories had the ending I’d been begging for throughout the whole book, it pleased me and I had tears, I’ll admit that much, I am a softy and a romantic at heart. Ssshhh! I never told you that – keep it to yourself.

It saddens me to think that I have only one more book in the Casteel saga but then pleases me to know that I have many more sitting on my shelves.

So with this book gone and definitely worth the read if your a VA fan. Then the next book in the Saga is Web of dreams but after that, I need to see which one to pick next.

I have one problem facing me – not going to shops much now we haven’t been to charity shops on our travels, when we pop to charity shops and see VA books we would purchase them, the only thing with VA books is they come in sets, in a charity shop you get the odd book here and there so I need to piece the sets together, I may have lots of broken sets.

Thanks to eBay and other online stores I am sure I can purchase a copy somewhere, but I do miss the treasure hunt, part of the excitement was finding the books and adding them to the collection.

Call me strange, Richard had offered to buy me the sets and Jenny had offered that I send her a list so she could kindly keep her eye out for me, but there’s something special in wondering into a bookstore or charity shop then – there it is amongst the dust and squashed between other books, almost waving at me is a VA book.

Checking my list to make sure I haven’t got it I excitedly rush to the till to purchase the book and have to, always have to read the first chapter, then close it and keep it sitting with pride on my book shelves until the day comes that I open the pages and reveal all that the author wanted me to reveal, how exciting books are, how can a gadget bring all the intensity and excitement that a book has to offer, flicking through the pages the scent of the pages and the thought of the book being made all thrill me to read it, I know it’s old fashioned but switching on a gadget to stare at a screen like a kindle is so dull, don’t you think?

So please go and get yourself a fantastic book and delve into another world where anything can be possible, go on enjoy it – you deserve it!

Reading is good for the sole love Deb x

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Day four Cleaning and sorting

Today has rained so whilst it’s been cooler I did some sorting and cleaning.

I spent it cleaning the three bathrooms not just your every day clean but a deep clean, the tiles, grout and emptying cupboards and cleaning shelves. Wiping walls down from dust that kind of thing.

It also gave me a good opportunity to throw away any bottles that were pointless, as in the family have opened a new bottle and there isn’t much in the old one worth keeping, but they weren’t sure if they should bin it yet.

Do you have that to?

Now for my ironing.

I hope your having a good day whatever your doing even if it’s decluttering and cleaning up.

Happy housework love Deb x