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Soup Wednesdays

Soup Wednesdays are traditional in the autumn for our house hold.

So far we have made tomato soup, mushroom soup yum my favourite! Potato and leak, vegetable, cabbage, butternut squash each week I try to use a different vegetable that we have left over from Sunday lunch.

Each Sunday I alternate the meat we have eaten last week was a joint of Pork this week was beef next week Gammon, chicken, maybe lamb and then pork chops referring back to a big Pork joint that way it’s something different each week. Each week I change the veg to what’s in season and what I think suits the meat.

We make our own fresh bread at home, I don’t bother with a bread maker it’s just another clumsy gadget to find a home for, we just prove the bread then use the oven.

If you haven’t made bread before have a go! Who wouldn’t want the house filled with warm beautiful bread it can’t be beaten!

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The crafty squirrels

I love working with felt and material, I wanted to make something for autumn but hadn’t got any kits, so I decided to draw my own squirrel as a template to use on the felt.

I made 3 one for the children and one for the twigs we have. I have made Rich an elephant below.

I think I need to make the designs bigger as I am struggling to stuff them and make them neat, with a bigger item to work on I could make it a lot neater.

So have a go draw something, get some felt and have some crafty fun.

Love Deb x

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Aquarium – new pets

This is what we have been preoccupied on for many weekends, I was asked what I wanted for my birthday, I couldn’t decide on anything I wanted or needed, I did say the space where our craft desk was looked empty and it needed something but wasn’t sure what.

We all decided that we missed having the fish tank and everyone loved it so that was that, we went looking for fish tanks. Brought said fish tank, set said fish tank up, a few weekends later when the water settled we got the fish then a few weekends after that got more fish and then a few more weekends after that Olivia and Brendyn used their birthday money to get theirself a small fish tank so we are all set up now with our little friends happily swimming around.

I don’t recommend sand for a tropical aquarium, we started with white sand and a lovely zen feel to it with black rocks it looked lovely, for a few weeks the pump and filter churned the sand around making the tank cloudy, Rich and the kids spent a Sunday afternoon having to empty the whole tank and start again this time with black small bricks it looks a lot better now and they seem to have settled.

Sand has however worked for the cold water fish we have upstairs in the children’s room, their tanks are not as hard to look after as ours so the sand doesn’t get churned around, so if you want the sand look, I advise cold water fish.

So happy fish shopping enjoy they are so peaceful and relaxing to watch, we have even named all 18!

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October Half Term Holiday

What we’ve been up to half term:-

The first Saturday of the weekend we went to nannies as usual then onto Moseley Old Hall Olivia made a broomstick and we had a woodland Autumn walk.

Sunday we waited in for our new washing machine so had a family craft day we all made something.

Monday Bren and I felt awful as we had conjunctivitis not nice, I thought it was just sore eyes but it made us feel quite poorly.

Tuesday we had a clear out of the craft desk and craft area making room for our new pets. I still have the craft but have moved it to our bedroom, I am lucky to have a big bedroom so it filled an empty space.

Wednesday we went to a garden centre in Staffordshire and met Becky, James and Emily, we had a lovely lunch I had cranberry and brie panini with the anticipation of Christmas. We looked around the vast display of Christmas items, The Gruffalo was wondering round with Halloween characters and Christmas to, they really had pulled all the stops out it was fantastic.

On the evening Rich and the kids carved pumpkins.

Thursday (Halloween) Bren and I had the spring cleaning in us so we got the steamer out had steamed half the kitchen along with the fridge and bathrooms, ready for the Christmas and the tree to go up in 4 weeks for advent, we really are counting down for Christmas. Bren made a Halloween cake we dont really celebrate it as such but go through the motions for the kids sake. 

Friday we had Annabel round to play, we had lunch then we went to a garden centre looked around the fairy village, had cake and coffee or coke in their case, a very long look around the shop as they both had pocket money to spend, then back home, we dropped Annabel off on the way to do our food shop where Annabel wanted Olivia to stay and play we did our food shop picked Olivia up and had tea at 7pm.  Separating the two of them was quite difficult.

Saturday TREAT DAY! Before going back to school we went to the Ascarium Sea life Centre Birmingham, it was fun we loved seeing the turtle Mo going over the top of the tunnel and were flabbergasted with his size, weighing 36 stone!  The 4D cinema was brill, it reminded me of Disney, but a few young children got a bit scared, so I wouldn’t recommend it to children under 5.

Today we had thought of going to a local national trust but it has flooded after all the heavy rain we received the other day, the ones around us are flooded so we have decided to stay in today and have a craft day.

Then it will be back to school so I suppose I best start writing my Christmas list of who to buy for as I haven’t started yet.

I also can’t believe that a year today I brought my first car, technically it is my 3rd car as Rich gave me his mini as my first car for an 18th birthday present but the idea of driving terrified me and we sold it. Luna was my second car I had off nanny Jenny, but Cruz is the first car I  personally brought with my own wages with some money towards it for my birthday off Richard, so I am so proud of him, he was 4 when I brought him.

So that’s it our half term is over and were ready to look forward to Christmas.

I hope you have all had a good week love Deb x




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New Washing Machine

Out with the old Hotpoint

In with the new LG.

We have been quite resourceful in the fact that we have had our machine for 14 years, we have had it repaired and repaired and repaired you get the picture.

Once the dryer had stopped working enough was enough, why is it always when the sun goes and the autumn starts… that the dryer breaks!

This one is called ‘Little Guy’ it’s quicker then washing machine just role with me, as in it’s an LG anyway it is more economical it has an eco dryer and an anti allergy wash for allergy sufferers like myself.

The dryer is fantastic, in no time at all I open the door (when it plays a tune to tell me it is finished), another fact I like about it, so many times have I thought oh gosh I forgot to switch the dryer on, well now it reminds me it’s finished! When it is dry I put the washing straight in the drawer, wardrobe or ironing pile.

So much better then my old one where I would put it back in again and check it and in again and check! 6 hours of electric a load I was using daily. Due to its age not model.

So I recommend this make and model for energy, result, it has a non crease setting so items don’t really need much ironing I am really pleased with it.

It also has a quick wash for things that don’t need to be washed but just a quick freshen up like Olivia’s PE kit, she wears it 3 times a week so in between ‘it’s wash’ I can give it fresh mini washes for 30 minutes so this is great if you have kids or babies, constant changing of vests and bibs.

I do all of my mums washing to, so for a household of 4 we’re really a household of 5, I do that much washing I am really great full to having a new machine to help me with my chores.

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Bread Week

Just looking through photos after a lovely day I have realised I haven’t blogged for a while, it slipped my mind as we have been so busy lately but I wanted to post a picture of Olivia’s bread.

At school On the 15th October Olivia had bread week she made a scrumptious chocolate brioche loaf, unfortunately it was so scrumptious (apparently) that we didn’t get to try it, she had taken it in the lounge to show Bren after I took a picture, then I waited for the return of child and bread, no nothing all was quite in our household, yes they devoured it between them! Can you believe it! Thanks Olivia, good job I had a photo to show daddy.

Kids you gotta love em!

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Monday craft club.

Monday before half term Olivia made these little guys, a lady with a handbag and an elderly Alien, yes Aliens are still this terms crafting crazy makes. She used clay and random craft supplies to makes these.

They are so adorable, she even made a little handbag for the lady which wasn’t part of the briefing, I love the fact she strayed from the brief, little designer thing going on there.

Well done Olivia x